Steel Die Cut


Nd:Yag Laser cut service for Steel and Metal Precision Parts ( Steel & Metal )
金 屬 雷 射 激 光 切 割 加 工 制 品 : 小 批 量 加 工 制 品

Workable Parts without Hard Tooling : Thanks to the ultra fine spot of our laser, parts can be cut to shape in high precision and superior edge finish. Parts can be produced in minutes without hard tooling.

Superior edge and surface quality reduces finishing work : Because of the superior edge and surface quality of our laser machine, finishing work for sign and decor materials are kept to a minimal. In general, dross is formed only on bottom side that can be removed easily if necessary. Top edges are kept smooth and clean. Debris only exist at the starting point and can be prevented by moving the starting point away from the shape.

0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 and 1mm steel plate on stock

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