Why Feeling so sad + embarrass… when Clients see your model and no smaile !!!


Experience Counts
When choosing your model maker, make sure they have the best technique and track record.
At Kit, you will see that clients trust us with their model making needs.

Diverse Projects
Whether it’s shopping malls, residential or commercial complex, you will find Kit Model has a variety of portfolio for your selection.

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Up to date in it’s field
Using the latest techniques and model management skills on ( LASER-CUT, Metal Die Cut, CNC Milling system ), all can help to ensure the high standard of the products & highly illustrated in order to demonstrate all the architectural features. Kit Model has become the leading model maker in the Delta area.

World Reknown
Customers from all over the world have employed the services of Kit Model, including Australia, US, Europe, Mid East Dubai, India, SE Asia and beyond.

If you want to have a quality model, Please take a chance on me, I will be the first in line and would not let you down.

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